aurora borealis

Awesome Aurora Vine Video from the Space Station

by Nancy Atkinson July 1, 2014

Here’s the latest Vine video from astronaut Reid Wiseman on board the International Space Station, showing the Aurora Borealis shimmering in the sky as the stars of Orion rise in the sky. Modules of the ISS smoothly move through the top portion of the video. In viewing the aurora from space earlier, Wiseman said, “It […]

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Incredible Aurora Outburst From Recent X-Class Flare

by Nancy Atkinson February 27, 2014

Our Twitter feeds just exploded with pictures of an auroral outburst in the UK, Scandinavia, Iceland and even from the International Space Station! Thanks to the X4.9 class solar flare on on Feb. 25, the resulting CME hit Earth’s magnetic field today and triggered geomagnetic storms. Take a look at some of the images pouring […]

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Stunning Astrophoto: The Aurora and the Fjord

by Nancy Atkinson January 27, 2014

As compensation for the long, dark, cold winters near the Arctic Circle, residents sometimes get views like this. “We had some auroras on January 23rd, but with no movement,” said astrophotographer Frank Olsen from Blokken, Norway. “The small fishing boat was moored just off the beach, and surrounded by green lights, it was pretty nice.” […]

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Astrophotos: Aurora Reflections from Iceland

by Nancy Atkinson November 14, 2013

Our friend Cory Schmitz planned the perfect time to go on a Iceland Aurora photo tour. With the recent activity from the Sun, there have been some great views of the aurora borealis in Iceland. “These images are very close to what the sky actually looked like to the naked eye,” Cory said on G+. […]

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Put The Aurora Borealis In Your Ear

by Bob King May 20, 2013

Do the aurorae makes sounds? That’s been a subject of discussion — and contention — among people who watch the sky. While most of us will never hear the aurora borealis directly, there’s help out there in the form of a little handheld radio. It’s called a VLF receiver and guarantees you an earful the […]

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