Astro-Panarama: Aurora on the Farm

by Nancy Atkinson September 30, 2014

Since I grew up on a farm, I know how lovely the night sky can be when you’re out in the country. But this new image from Alan Dyer is just astounding! This 180-degree panorama shows an aurora display behind grain bins on a country road in Alberta, Canada. “The aurora adds more color to […]

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Stunning Photo Alert! Winners Announced for “Astronomy Photographer of the Year” Competition

by Nancy Atkinson September 19, 2014

The winners of the 2014 “Astronomy Photographer of the Year” competition have been announced at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich England, and British photographer James Woodend’s gorgeous image of the aurora dancing across the Icelandic night sky was named the overall winner. This is the sixth year for the competition, which is run by the […]

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Book Review: Learn from the Master with “Astrophotography” by Thierry Legault

by Nancy Atkinson September 17, 2014

If you’re looking for detailed, step-by-step instructions of how to start or improve your photography of astronomical objects, look no further. Astrophotographer Thierry Legault shares the expertise he has garnered from over 20 years of “amateur” photography in his newly translated book titled simply — and appropriately — “Astrophotography.” Nancy Atkinson on Google+

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Astrophoto: Spectacular View of the Rosette Nebula

by Nancy Atkinson September 12, 2014

Wow! Here’s a gorgeous view of the Rosette Nebula from astrophotographer César Cantú. The Rosette Nebula is a star-forming region about 5,000 light years from Earth, located in the constellation Monoceros. Winds from the young, hot, blue stars cleared the central hole. The central cluster of stars is also known as NGC 2244. The image […]

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Awesome Astrophotos: Caught in the Web of the SuperMoon

by Nancy Atkinson September 8, 2014

Up in the sky — it’s a bird, it’s a plane… no, it’s a spider and a SuperMoon! Well, not quite. This composite image by Brian who is called Brian on Flickr was actually taken last night, on September 7, 2014, but it’s an awesome lead-in for our usual request for astrophotos of the Harvest […]

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