Space Flight

ULA Delta IV Heavy Rocket Rolled to Cape Launch Pad and Raised for Orion’s First Flight

by Ken Kremer October 1, 2014

The march towards first launch of NASA’s next generation Orion crew vehicle is accelerating rapidly. The world’s most powerful rocket – the United Launch Alliance Delta IV Heavy – was moved to its Cape Canaveral launch pad overnight and raised at the pad today, Oct. 1, thereby setting in motion the final steps to prepare […]

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How Private Space Companies Make Money Exploring The Final Frontier

by Elizabeth Howell October 1, 2014

TORONTO, CANADA – There’s a big difference in thinking between governments and the private companies that participate in space. While entities such as NASA can work on understanding basic human health or exploring the universe for the sake of a greater understanding, companies have a limitation: they need to eventually make a profit. This was […]

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India’s MOM Snaps Spectacular Portrait of New Home – the Red Planet

by Ken Kremer September 30, 2014

MOM is truly something special. For her latest eye popping feat, India’s Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) has snapped the first global portrait of her new Home – the Red Planet. Ken Kremer on Google+

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Russian Space Station Extension? Don’t Count On It Yet, NASA Head Says

by Elizabeth Howell September 30, 2014

TORONTO, CANADA – NASA isn’t “reading too much” into a report that the Russians will spend $8 billion on the International Space Station through 2025, the head of the agency says. That date is five years past the international agreements to operate the space station. The Russian announcement comes at a pivotal time for NASA, […]

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Assembly Completed on Powerful Delta IV Rocket Boosting Maiden Orion Capsule Test Flight

by Ken Kremer September 28, 2014

CAPE CANAVERAL AIR FORCE STATION, FL – Assembly of the powerful Delta IV rocket boosting the pathfinder version of NASA’s Orion crew capsule on its maiden test flight in December has been completed. Orion is NASA’s next generation human rated vehicle that will eventually carry America’s astronauts beyond Earth on voyages venturing farther into deep […]

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