One That Fell to Earth: Researchers Reveal 2012 Novato Meteorite Took a Beating

by Tim Reyes August 18, 2014

Want to stay on top of all the space news? Follow @universetoday on Twitter What’s the chance of that thump you just heard in your house was a meteorite hitting your roof? That was the case for one family in Novato, California during a fireball event that took place in the north bay area near […]

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Gravity Isn’t The Only Thing Holding Asteroids Together: Study

by Elizabeth Howell August 14, 2014

How do asteroids hold their rubble piles together? Previously, scientists said it was a combination of friction and gravity. But new observations of asteroid 1950 DA reveals something else is at work. The asteroid is rotating too quickly for gravity to keep it together, so what’s going on? Remove this ad Elizabeth Howell on Google+

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If the Sun Were the Size of a Person, How Big Would an Asteroid Be?

by Jason Major August 4, 2014

I love anything that attempts to provide a sense of scale about the Solar System (see here and here for even more examples) and this one brings us down past the Sun, planets, and moons all the way to asteroid size — specifically asteroid 101955 Bennu, the target of the upcoming OSIRIS-REx mission. Created by […]

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This Model Of Earth’s Giant Impacts Makes Us Wonder How Life Arose

by Elizabeth Howell July 31, 2014

In case you need a reminder that the solar system was a harsh place to grow up, the early Earth looks like it was in the middle of a shooting gallery in this model. The map that you see above shows a scenario for where researchers believe asteroids struck our planet about four billion to […]

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If You Mine An Asteroid, Who Does The Property Belong To?

by Elizabeth Howell July 31, 2014

There have been several proposals in recent months to visit asteroids — NASA is talking about sending astronauts to an asteroid sometime, and both Planetary Resources and Deep Space Industries have outlined distant plans to mine these space rocks for resources. But once the stuff is extracted, who does it belong to? A bill being […]

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