Making the Case for a Mission to the Martian Moon Phobos

by Tim Reyes October 1, 2014

Ask any space enthusiast, and almost anyone will say humankind’s ultimate destination is Mars. But NASA is currently gearing up to go to an asteroid. While the space agency says its Asteroid Initiative will help in the eventual goal of putting people on Mars, what if instead of going to an asteroid, we went to […]

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Gallery: 5 Exotic Places NASA’s Next-Generation Rocket Could Help Explore

by Elizabeth Howell October 1, 2014

TORONTO, CANADA – Could NASA’s new rocket bring a probe to sample the geysers of Saturn’s moon Enceladus, or ferry human explorers to the surface of Mars? Representatives of contractor Boeing think so. They’ve put together some ideas for sending their Space Launch System to these far-flung destinations, which they presented at the International Astronautical […]

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The Nicaragua Crater: The Result of a Meteorite Impact or Not?

by David Dickinson September 8, 2014

By now, you’ve seen the pictures. As astronomers tracked the close pass of Near Earth Asteroid 2014 RC this weekend, reports came out of Nicaragua that a possible meteorite struck near the capital of Managua. Details are still sketchy, but government sources cite reports of a loud bang and ground tremor late Saturday night on […]

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Speed Demon Asteroid Sprints Safely Past Earth Today

by Bob King September 7, 2014

Earth-approaching asteroid 2014 RC ripped pass Earth today, got its orbit refashioned by our planet’s gravity and now bids us adieu. I thought you’d like to see how fast this ~60-foot-wide (20-meter) space rock moved across the sky. The team of observers at Remanzacco Observatory in Italy  photographed it remotely with a telescope set up in Australia. […]

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Get Ready for Sunday’s Close Flyby of Asteroid 2014 RC

by Bob King September 4, 2014

Guess who’s dropping by for a quick visit this weekend? On Sunday, a 60-foot-wide (20-meters) asteroid named 2014 RC will skim just 25,000 miles (40,000 km) from Earth. That’s within spitting distance of all those geosynchronous communication and weather satellites orbiting at 22,300 miles. 

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