Apollo 11 landing site on Tranquility Base. Credit: NASA

Apollo 11 Anniversary Link-O-Rama

Article Updated: 26 Apr , 2016



The Apollo 11 40th anniversary is coming at us fast and furious! With restored images and video, mission audio, interviews, and special features, who can keep track of it all? Well, we’re going to try. We’ll post here all the links we can find that has anything to do with the anniversary. If you find something of interest elsewhere you think we should add, email it to Nancy or post it in the comments, and we’ll add it. This will be Apollo 11 anniversary HQ!

Audio, Video, etc:

Listen to Apollo 11 mission audio “live” to the minute as it happened 40 years ago (July 16-24) or listen later at any time: We Choose the Moon

High-Definition Restored Apollo 11 Video from NASA

Listen to audio recorded from inside the Apollo 11 spacecraft which have never been heard before by the public

Read the transcriptions of the recorded audio

Find other recordings and transcriptions here.

Video from INA French television’s broadcasts from July 1969

IYA Malta’s Moon for All Mankind video

Cool websites:

NASA’s Apollo 11 40th Anniversary website

NASA’s Apollo Missions website

NASA’s Interactive Tranquility Base

Apollo 11 Timeline

NASA’s Apollo Lunar Surface Journals

Detailed Summaries of the Apollo missions

The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum’s Apollo 11 site

The Boston Globe’s Big Picture does Apollo 11

Discovery News Apollo 11 Slideshow

Dramatic panoramas of the Apollo landing sites.

Free online book from the National Acadamies Press: The Scientific Context for Exploration of the Moon, Final Report

Poem by astro-poet Stuart Atkinson, Memories of Apollo

The Spacewriter shares her personal memories from Apollo 11.

Interview with Michael Collins

New Scientist: Tourist Guide to the Lunar Surface

Cosmic Ray Villard on Discovery Space: Quick Guide to Answering Moon Cover-up Allegations (highly recommended!)

One Minute Astronomer (AKA our very own Brian Ventrudo): Stargazing Lesson from Apollo 11

Scientific American: The Apollo Moon Missions That Never Were (Apollo 18, 19 & 20)

HistoricĀ “moon issue” of Science freely available (fromĀ Jan. 30, 1970)

Wide Awake in the Sea of Tranquility from [email protected]

British Telecom’s Goonhilly Celebration

Is the flag still standing at Apollo 11 landing site? From the site Sukarra, in Spanish. Translated to English

365 Days of Astronomy has several Apollo 11 related podcasts including Nancy’s Apollo 11 song, “Who Flies the Ship When Mike Collins Goes to Sleep, The Eagle Has Landed, and an interview with Ray Bradbury.

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