Water on Mars

A Magnetohydrodynamic Drive Could Lead to Fuel Stations on Mars

Within the next fifteen years, NASA, China, and SpaceX plan to send the first crewed missions to Mars. In all…

3 months ago

Perseverance is Definitely Inside an Ancient Lake on Mars

The search for life on alien worlds has captivated us for hundreds of years. In some respect, the search for…

3 months ago

A Biocatalytic Reactor for Detoxifying Water on Mars!

Mars is the next frontier of human space exploration, with NASA, China, and SpaceX all planning to send crewed missions…

3 months ago

A New Map Shows Where Mars is Hiding all its Ice

Water will be one of the most important resources for human explorers on Mars. They'll need it for drinking, propellant,…

6 months ago

This Sure Looks Like the Movements of a Glacier Across Ancient Mars

An image taken by the HiRISE camera aboard NASA's MRO shows evidence of past glaciers away from Mars' polar regions.

8 months ago

Olympus Could Have Been a Giant Volcanic Island in an Ancient Martian Ocean

New research shows that Mars' Olympus Mons may have once been a volcanic island surrounding by ocean.

9 months ago

Perseverance Finds an Ancient, Fast Flowing River

In a first for Martian water science, NASA’s Perseverance rover has discovered geological evidence of a large, fast-moving river in…

12 months ago

China's Mars Rover Finds Recent Evidence of Water Near the Equator

Before going into hibernation, China's Zhurong rover found evidence that water recently existed in small patches on Mars (and might…

12 months ago

Curiosity Just Found its Strongest Evidence of Ancient Water and Waves on Mars

This week, NASA’s Curiosity rover stumbled across the best evidence yet that liquid water once covered much of Mars in…

1 year ago

Mars Once had Enough Water for a Planet-Wide Ocean 300 Meters Deep

New research has shown that Mars may have been covered in a worldwide ocean when Earth was still covered in…

1 year ago