Water on Mars

Weird String-Like Object Found on Mars, Probably Dropped by the Rover

Here’s the best evidence I’ve ever seen for water on Mars: NASA’s Perseverance rover came across a tangled mess of…

4 weeks ago

Perseverance Begins the Next Phase of its Mission, Studying an Ancient River Bed on Mars

On February 18, 2021, NASA’s Perseverance (Percy) Rover successfully landed in the dried-up lakebed known as Jezero Crater on Mars,…

4 months ago

Martian Astronauts Will Create Fuel by Having a Shower

A team of Spanish researchers, with support from the ESA, are working on a system that will allow astronauts on…

4 months ago

Perseverance Sees Evidence of Flash Floods in Jezero Crater

Nearly eight months into the Perseverance rover's mission on Mars, researchers have confirmed that Jezero crater is (as was believed)…

10 months ago

Mars has Seasons, and They Might Have Revealed Where it’s Hiding its Water

The search for water on Mars has consumed a lot of data collection and research time.  Underground lakes have been…

11 months ago

Dust Storms on Mars Continue to Make the Planet Drier

Combining data from three Mars orbiter missions, a team of scientists have found undeniably proof that regional dust storms are…

12 months ago

Unfortunately, There are Other Viable Explanations for the Subsurface Lakes on Mars

A fresh examination of the data obtained by the Mars Express mission has shown that there may not be lakes…

1 year ago

Zhurong is Rolling on Mars

China's Zhurong rover has departed from its lander and commenced science operations, and has the pictures to prove it!

1 year ago

Mid-Latitude Glaciers on Mars Could Supply Water to Human Explorers

New research shows how a subsurface glacier in the Arcadia Planitia region of Mars would make an ideal landing site…

1 year ago

A Lake in a Martian Crater was Once Filled by Glacial Runoff

Using images obtained by the MRO, a team of researchers has found features on Mars that were formed billions of…

1 year ago