Water on Mars

Earth Life Probably Can’t Spread to Mars Today

New research says life from Earth isn't likely to ever survive on Mars, which is good news as far as…

4 months ago

Salt Water Might Still be Able to Collect on the Surface of Mars a Few Days a Year

A new study from the PSI indicates that around Mars' equator, salt water could form on the surface for a…

7 months ago

This Dried Up Riverbed Shows that Water Once Flowed on the Surface of Mars

From some viewpoints, Mars is kind of like a skeleton of Earth. We can see that it had volcanoes, oceans,…

12 months ago

Curiosity Finds A Region of Ancient Dried Mud. It Could Have Been an Oasis Billions of Year Ago

What happened to Mars? If Mars and Earth were once similar, as scientists think, what happened to all the water?…

12 months ago

New layers of water ice have been found beneath Mars’ North Pole

A new study has found evidence of glacier of water ice beneath Mars' north pole, enough to cover the entire…

1 year ago

Planetary Scientists Continue to Puzzle Over the Mysterious Slope Streaks on Mars. Liquid? Sand? What’s Causing Them?

New research indicates what could be causing those mysterious slope streaks on Mars, using an Earth analog.

2 years ago

Lakes on Mars Filled up so Quickly They Would Overflow Catastrophically Carving Canyons Within Weeks

According to a new study, ancient lakes on Mars filled up so quickly that they overflowed, carving canyons in the…

2 years ago

Planetary Scientists Have Chosen a Few Landing Sites for the Mars 2020 Rover

At the fourth Landing Site Workshop in October, NASA held a vote on where the Mars 2020 rover will land…

2 years ago

There Might be Enough Oxygen Below the Surface of Mars to Support Life

According to new study supported by NASA, a team of researchers found that Mars may have enough oxygen in subsurface…

2 years ago

Was This Huge River Delta on Mars the Place Where its Oceans Finally Disappeared?

A new study has offered the first definitive proof that Mars' northern lowlands were once covered in a liquid water…

2 years ago