Universal Expansion

1,500 New Type 1A Supernova Found as Part of the Dark Energy Survey

Supernova explosions are fascinating because they're so cataclysmic, powerful, and awe-inspiring. They're Nature's summer blockbusters. Humans have recorded their existence…

2 months ago

Webb Sees a Supernova Go Off in a Gravitationally Lensed Galaxy – for the Second Time

Nature, in its infinite inventiveness, provides natural astronomical lenses that allow us to see objects beyond the normal reach of…

2 months ago

When Was the First Light in the Universe?

When was the first time that the Universe cooled down enough that light could finally move around?

7 years ago

How Many Galaxies Are There in the Universe?

Did you hear that the Universe has 10x the number of galaxies? How did astronomers discover this, and what does…

7 years ago

Dark Energy Ignited By Gamma-Ray Bursts?

[/caption] Dark energy... We're still not exactly sure of what it is or where it comes from. Is it possible…

12 years ago