Theory of Relativity

Could Space Travelers Melt As They Accelerate Through Deep Space?

According to a new study by researchers from Brazil, objects accelerating through space could be subject to increased radiation exposure.

7 years ago

Who Discovered Gravity?

Among Sir Isaac Newton's many contributions to science was the discovery of gravity. one of the fundamental forces of the…

8 years ago

Mathematics: The Beautiful Language of the Universe

Let us discuss the very nature of the cosmos. What you may find in this discussion is not what you…

9 years ago

Planets Could Travel Along with Rogue ‘Hypervelocity’ Stars, Spreading Life Throughout the Universe

In a series of new studies, Harvard astronomers show that hypervelocity stars are common in our Universe and could be…

9 years ago

Cosmonaut Sergei Krikalev, the World’s Most Prolific Time Traveler

Is time travel a fact or is it just science fiction? Thanks to time dilation and Einstein's theory of relativity,…

10 years ago

Is Our Universe Inside Another Larger Universe?

[/caption] A wormhole is a hypothetical "tunnel" connecting two different points in spacetime, and in theory, at each end of…

14 years ago