supermassive black holes

Vera Rubin Will Find Binary Supermassive Black Holes. Here’s How.

When galaxies merge, we expect them to produce binary black holes (BBHs.) BBHs orbit one another closely, and when they…

6 days ago

Astronomers Precisely Measure a Black Hole's Accretion Disk

Actively feeding supermassive black holes are known as quasars, and they can outshine all the stars of their host galaxy.…

3 months ago

Could This Supermassive Black Hole Only Have Formed by Direct Collapse?

One of the outstanding mysteries in astronomy is how supermassive black holes gained so much mass so early in the…

4 months ago

A Massive Galaxy With Almost No Dark Matter

Astronomers have found a massive galaxy that contains little to no Dark Matter, something that doesn't fit with current cosmological…

4 months ago

Early Black Holes Were Bigger Than We Thought

Every large galaxy in the nearby universe contains a supermassive black hole at its core. The mass of those black…

5 months ago

eROSITA Sees Changes in the Most Powerful Quasar

An international team of astronomers observed the quasar J1114 in the X-ray band for the first time, revealing things about…

6 months ago

The Largest Explosion Ever Seen in the Universe

Astronomers have witnessed the most powerful supernova on record, which could provide insight into the forces that shape galaxies.

7 months ago

Galactic Black Hole Winds Blow Up to a Third the Speed of Light. The Impact on Their Galaxies is Impressive.

A new study by the SUper massive Black hole Winds in the x-rAYS (SUBWAYS) project explores the role of "space…

7 months ago

Advanced Life Should Have Already Peaked Billions of Years Ago

Did humanity miss the party? Are SETI, the Drake Equation, and the Fermi Paradox all just artifacts of our ignorance…

7 months ago

Black Hole Event Horizons Can Get So Big it'll Boggle Your Imagination

Some black holes are truly monsters, and astronomers are pretty good at determining just how large they are.

7 months ago