The History of the Sun is Written on the Moon

If you want to learn about the history of the Sun, then look no further than the Moon. That's the…

3 weeks ago

Solar Orbiter was hit by a Coronal Mass Ejection as it was About to Make a Flyby of Venus

Massive solar storms on the Sun are becoming more common as it moves into a period of increasing solar activity…

3 weeks ago

Insanely High-Resolution Images of the Sun Show its Chromosphere in Vivid Detail

New images of the Sun’s chromosphere – the lower region of the solar atmosphere -- have been released, and to…

4 weeks ago

Astronomers Watched a “Near-Sun” Comet Disintegrate as it Flew too Close to the Sun

Comets that venture close to the Sun can transform into something beautiful, but sometimes they encounter incineration if they get…

4 months ago

Solar Orbiter’s Pictures of the Sun are Every Bit as Dramatic as You Were Hoping

On March 26th, the ESA's Solar Orbiter made its closest approach to the Sun so far. It ventured inside Mercury's…

4 months ago

Wow! Perseverance Sees a Solar Eclipse on Mars

Imagine standing on Mars, and seeing this with your own eyes. (more…)

6 months ago

40 Telescopes Watched the Sun as the Parker Solar Probe Made its Most Recent Flyby

Sometimes in space, even when you’re millions of kilometers from anything, you’re still being watched.  Or at least that’s the…

7 months ago

Coronal Loops Might Not Be Loops At All

We've all seen the gorgeous images and videos of coronal loops. They're curved magnetic forms that force brightly glowing plasma…

7 months ago

A Colossal Flare Erupted From the Far Side of the Sun

Earlier this week the Sun erupted with a huge explosion, blasting solar particles millions of kilometers into space. The team…

8 months ago

Latest Hubble Image Shows the Star-Forming Chamaeleon Cloud

Stars form inside vast collections of molecular hydrogen called molecular clouds, sometimes called stellar nurseries or star forming regions. Instabilities…

8 months ago