sub-surface ocean

There are Ocean Currents Under the ice on Enceladus

Underneath its shell of ice, the globe-spanning ocean of Enceladus isn't sitting still. Instead, it might possibly host massive ocean…

3 years ago

More Evidence that Europa’s Oceans Could be Habitable

At first glance, Jupiter's moon Europa doesn't seem much like Earth. It's a moon, not a planet, and it's covered…

4 years ago

Pluto and Other Kuiper Belt Objects Started Out With Water Oceans, and Have Been Slowly Freezing Solid for Billions of Years

It seems unlikely that an ocean could persist on a world that never gets closer than 30 astronomical units from…

4 years ago

Europa Clipper Team Braces For Bad News

Apparent uncertainty in the budget for the Europa Clipper mission could be bad news for its proponents.

8 years ago