star formation

New Hubble Image Shows Dark Cocoons Where New Stars are Forming

Star formation is a complex process. But in simple terms, a star forms due to clumps and instabilities in a…

2 weeks ago

What’s Snuffing Out Galaxies Before Their Time?

In the Milky Way, the formation rate of stars is about one solar mass every year. About 10 billion years…

3 weeks ago

Early Massive Galaxies ran out of gas, Shutting Down Their Star Formation

Galaxies that formed within the first few billion years after the Big Bang should have lived long, healthy lives. After…

2 months ago

Are the Burned-Out Remnants of the First Stars all Around us?

The first stars to appear in the universe lived fast and died young. Today, none of them likely remain. But…

2 months ago

The Galactic Beauty of Star Formation

I'd never seen galaxy images like this before. Nobody had! These images highlight star forming regions in nearby(ish) galaxies. There…

3 months ago

One of the Brightest Star-Forming Regions in the Milky Way, Seen in Infrared

Certain parts of the galaxy are more magical than others.  There are barren wastelands where barely a particle strays through…

5 months ago

Black Holes don't Just Destroy, They Also Help With Star Formation

Black holes destroy stars, but their powerful jets can also clear the way for new stars to form.

5 months ago

Star Formation Begins When Clouds of Gas Crash Into Each Other

To trigger star formation, you need to compress a lot of gas into not a lot of volume. To make…

6 months ago

There are new Stars Forming Near the Core of the Milky Way Despite the Harsh Environment

The central core of our galaxy is not a friendly place for star formation, and yet new observations have revealed…

8 months ago

Newly Forming Stars Don’t Blast Away Material as Previously Believed. So Why Do They Stop Growing?

We thought we understood how stars are formed. It turns out, we don't. Not completely, anyway. A new study, recently…

8 months ago