Star Clusters

Astronomers Have a New Trick to Work out the Age of Stars

Determining the age of a star is surprisingly tricky and has wide error bars. It's only inside star clusters that…

4 months ago

How Old is That Star? Ask a Computer

A new machine learning technique could make it much easier to estimate the age of stellar populations.

5 months ago

JWST Sees Merging Galaxies Releasing the Light of a Trillion Suns

If we want to know what it'll look like in about 4.5 billion years when our galaxy merges with Andromeda,…

7 months ago

Trading Spaces: How Swapping Stars Create Hot Jupiters

Star clusters tend to host more hot Jupiters than average, but why? A team of astronomers have proposed a new…

12 months ago

The Brightest Star in the Sky, Sirius, was Hiding a Cluster of Stars. Found by Gaia

Thanks to the efforts of an amateur astronomer, the star cluster that was recently revealed by Gaia mission is now…

6 years ago

Hubble Telescope Celebrates 25 Years in Space With Spectacular New Image

Images from space don’t get any prettier than this. A new image from the Hubble Space Telescope was released today…

9 years ago

Too WISE to be Fooled by Dust: Over 300 New Star Clusters Discovered

Brazilian astronomers have discovered some 300+ star clusters that were largely overlooked owing to sizable obscuration by dust.  The astronomers, from the Universidade…

9 years ago

‘Runaway’ Star Cluster Breaks Free from Distant Galaxy

We've discovered dozens of so-called "hypervelocity stars" — single stars that break the stellar speed limit. But today astronomers multiplied…

10 years ago

Hubble Observes Planet-“Polluted” Dead Stars In Hyades

For those of us who practice amateur astronomy, we're very familiar with the 150 light-year distant Hyades star cluster -…

11 years ago

How to Reconstruct the Life of a Star

It takes time to understand the life of stars. A star like our Sun takes tens of millions of years…

11 years ago