Spaceport America

SpinLaunch Hurls a Test Vehicle Kilometers Into the air. Eventually, it’ll Throw Them Almost all the way to Orbit

The commercial space company SpinLaunch just conducted its first successful launch test from their facility at Spaceport America.

2 years ago

Virgin Galactic Reaches the Space Frontier Over New Mexico for the First Time

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo rocket plane crossed its 50-mile-high space boundary over New Mexico for the first time today, after months…

2 years ago

Virgin Galactic Wants to Build a Supersonic Jetliner That’ll go Even Faster Than the Concorde

Virgin Galactic has announced a partnership with engine-maker Rolls Royce to develop a supersonic jetliner that will be even faster…

3 years ago

SpaceX is Hiring People to Help Build a Resort at the Boca Chica Launch Facility

SpaceX recently announced that they are looking for a Resort Development Manager to help them turn Boca Chica into a…

3 years ago

The Spaceport America Cup Joins Crowdsourcing Platform HeroX to Propel Student Innovation!

The 2020 Spaceport America Cup will be the largest to date, thanks to a new collaboration with crowdsourcing powerhouse HeroX!

4 years ago

ARCA Unveils the World’s first Single-Stage-to-Orbit Rocket

The New Mexico-based aerospace company ARCA recently unveiled its Haas 2C rocket, the first single-state-to-orbit rocket in history.

6 years ago

Spaceports and the Future of Space Exploration

When you think of a spaceport, what do you imagine?

7 years ago

Armadillo Aerospace Successfully Lauches a Sounding Rocket from Spaceport America

Over the weekend Armadillo Aerospace successfully launched an advanced sounding rocket from Spaceport America in New Mexico. The launch took…

12 years ago