Space Force

U.S. Space Force CHPS to Patrol Around the Moon

An innovative new network CHPS may control space traffic around the Moon. As human activity extends outward into the solar…

6 months ago

These are the new Space Force Uniforms, So Say We All

The U.S. Space Force has released prototypes of its service dress uniforms for its Guardians. The reaction on social media…

1 year ago

The Personnel of Space Force Will be Called Guardians

According to VP Mike Pence, personnel serving in the U.S. Space Force will henceforth be known as "Guardians"!

2 years ago

Russia Just Tested an Anti-Satellite Weapon

The United States and Russia/USSR have been adversaries for a long time. Their heated rivarly stretches back to the waning…

2 years ago

Here’s the New Space Force Logo

The newest branch of the US Military has a logo and a motto now. The mottos is Semper Supra, meaning…

2 years ago

U.S. Space Force is Looking For a Place to Put its Headquarters

The US Space Force has announced that it is looking for a place to establish its new HQ, and is…

2 years ago

Space Force is About to Launch its Mysterious X-37B Spaceplane Again

The X-37B will be going to space again this Saturday to test a number of experiments, many of which are…

2 years ago

Space Force is Recruiting, Here’s their New Video

The United States Space Force just released a recruitment video. If you're looking for your purpose, and suspect it's off-world,…

2 years ago

Okay, this Logo Proves that Space Force Should Have Really Been Called Star Fleet

Now that the US Space Force's new uniforms have been eviscerated on social media (that was so last week) it's…

3 years ago

Space Force Uniforms are Perfectly Camouflaged for a Forest Moon

The United States Space Force has given us a look at their new uniforms, and critics are savaging them on…

3 years ago