Ancient Coin Discovery With An Astronomical Mystery

What does the Roman coin found recently off the shores of Israel depict?

6 months ago

How Could we Light our Cities and Still See the Night Sky?

The night sky is a part of humanity's natural heritage. Gazing up at the heavens is a unifying act, performed…

1 year ago

Astronomy Jargon 101: Astronomical Unit

In this series we are exploring the weird and wonderful world of astronomy jargon! It's easy to measure your interest…

1 year ago

Astronomy Jargon 101: Parallax

In this series we are exploring the weird and wonderful world of astronomy jargon! You probably don't know how close…

1 year ago

A Partial Solar Eclipse and the Perseids Round Out August

How about that Total Lunar Eclipse this past July 13th? It has been a busy year for astronomy for sure,…

4 years ago

The Night Sky Magic of the Atacama

There's nothing an astronomer - whether professional or amateur - loves more than a clear dark night sky away from…

5 years ago

Can Astronauts See Stars From the Space Station?

I've often been asked the question, "Can the astronauts on the Space Station see the stars?" Astronaut Jack Fischer provides…

5 years ago

Superbowl Smackdown: Watch the Moon Occult Aldebaran on Sunday

Sure, this Superbowl Sunday brings with it the promise of sacks, fumbles and tackles... but have you ever seen the…

6 years ago

Celebrate the Power of Naked-Eye Observing With New Book

Check out my new book "Night Sky with the Naked Eye" that explores all the wonderful things you can see…

6 years ago

Update on the Bright Nova Delphini 2013; Plus a Gallery of Images from our Readers

Since showing itself on August 14, 2013, a bright nova in the constellation Delphinus -- now officially named Nova Delphini…

9 years ago