ring of fire

Ring of Fire: Catching This Weekend’s ‘Great North American Annular Solar Eclipse’

Don’t miss the final solar eclipse of the year: a striking ‘ring of fire’ annular solar eclipse.

7 months ago

Our Guide to the December 26th Annular ‘Ring of Fire’ Eclipse

Ready for the final 'Ring of Fire' solar eclipse of 2019? The final eclipse of the year kicks off this…

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Ring of Fire: Catch the Only Annular Solar Eclipse of 2017 This Sunday

'Tis the season... eclipse season, that is, as an annular solar eclipse marks the end of the first cycle of…

7 years ago

What is the Pacific “Ring of Fire”?

What if someone were to tell you that there's a region in the world where roughly 90% of the world's…

9 years ago

Podcast: The Pacific Ring of Fire

The Pacific Ring of Fire wraps around the Pacific Ocean, including countries like Japan, Canada, New Zealand and Chile. And…

11 years ago

An Awesome Annular Eclipse! Images and Videos from Earth and Space

A spectacular annular eclipse of the Sun was witnessed across Australia and the southern Pacific region early today. Morning dawned…

11 years ago

How to Catch This Week’s ‘Ring of Fire’ Annular Eclipse

The first solar eclipse of 2013 is upon us this week, with the May 10th annular eclipse crossing northern Australia…

11 years ago

What is a Subduction Zone?

IF you don’t know anything about plate tectonics you might be wondering about what is a subduction zone. A subduction…

15 years ago