Using Quasars as a New Standard Candle to Define Distance

A new study shows a way to gauge distance in the early Universe.

2 years ago

A Galaxy is Making New Stars Faster Than its Black Hole Can Starve Them for Fuel

A monster lurks at the heart of many galaxies – even our own Milky Way. This monster possesses the mass…

3 years ago

Supermassive black holes can cloak themselves in a cocoon of dust, making them invisible even when they should be bright quasars

Quasars are the most powerful sources of light in the universe, but sometimes they're hard to find. A team of…

3 years ago

Quasars are the Biggest Particle Accelerators in the Universe

We puny humans think we can accelerate particles? Look how proud we are of the Large Hadron Collider. But any…

3 years ago

For the First Time, Planets Have Been Discovered in ANOTHER Galaxy!

Thanks to a new study performed by a pair of astrophysicists from the University of Oklahoma, the first extra-galactic planets…

6 years ago

Too Big, Too Soon. Monster Black Hole Seen Shortly After the Big Bang

An international team of astronomers, using multiple observatories, have found the youngest and most distant quasar to date.

6 years ago

New Method for Researching Activity Around Quasars and Black Holes

A new method devised by a team of Chinese and US researchers could lead to accurate estimates on the masses…

6 years ago

Quasar Light Confirms Consistency Of Electromagnetism Over 8 Billion Years

The ESO has released spectral data obtained by the Very Large Telescope, which studied a distant qausar to determine how…

7 years ago

How Cold Are Black Holes?

Black holes absorb everything that falls into them, including photons of light and heat. So what does it mean to…

7 years ago

Will Our Black Hole Eat the Milky Way?

As soon as you learn about the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way, your next thought…

7 years ago