protoplanetary disk

Rings in the Early Solar System Kept our Planet From Becoming a Super-Earth

A team led by Rice University has created a new model of planetary formation that answer how the Solar System…

5 days ago

This is How You Get Moons. An Earth-Sized World Just got Pummeled by Something Huge.

Titanic collisions are the norm in young solar systems. Earth's Moon was the result of one of those collisions when…

3 months ago

The Early Solar System Had a Gap Where the Asteroid Belt is Today

Wind the cosmic clock back a few billion years and our Solar System looked much different than it does today.…

3 months ago

Protoplanetary Disks Throw Out More Material Than Gets Turned Into Planets

When a young solar system gets going it's little more than a young star and a rotating disk of debris.…

4 months ago

Astronomers see an Accretion Disk Where Planets are About to Form

Planet formation is notoriously difficult to study.  Not only does the process take millions of years, making it impossible to…

6 months ago

Planets may Start Forming Before the Star is Even Finished

Planets form from the accumulation of countless grains of dust swirling around young stars. New computer simulations have found that…

7 months ago

Young Stars can Evaporate Nearby Disks Before They can Form Planets

Many planetary systems may get snuffed out before they even get a chance to form, according to new research. The…

8 months ago

This Exoplanetary System Breaks all the Rules

It's just like a normal solar system...except completely backwards. (more…)

10 months ago

Astronomers are now Finding Planetary Disks Around the Smallest, Least Massive Stars

Astronomers have been watching planetary systems form around sun-like stars for decades. And now, new observations with the ALMA telescope…

12 months ago

Spiral-shaped Planetary Disks Should Be More Common. Giant Planets Might Be Disrupting Their Formation

Planetary system formation is a process that involves astounding and complex forces.  Humans have only just started trying to understand…

1 year ago