Giant Star Seen 150 Days Before it Exploded as a Supernova

Supernovae are relatively rare. It might not seem like it, but that's because they're so bright we can see them…

3 weeks ago

Betelgeuse. Before, During and After the Great Dimming

When a prominent star in the night sky suddenly dims, it generates a lot of interest. That's what happened with…

4 weeks ago

What are the Parts of the Sun?

Much like Earth, the Sun is not a single object, but is made up of layer. Each layer is responsible…

7 years ago

How Does The Sun Produce Energy?

Have you ever wondered how the Sun produces energy to keep us warm here on Earth?

8 years ago

IRIS Glimpses an Elusive Region of the Sun

An innovative solar observatory is adding a key piece to the puzzle of the enigma that is our Sun. Its…

10 years ago

A Branching “Tree” of Solar Plasma

Hydrogen-alpha photo of the Sun by Alan Friedman An enormous tree-shaped prominence spreads its "branches" tens of thousands of miles…

11 years ago

A Shimmering, Simmering Sunspot

This quick animation made by astrophotographer Alan Friedman shows a 30-minute view of sunspot 1520, a large region of magnetic…

12 years ago

The “Deep Blue Sea” of the Sun

Looking like an intricate pen-and-ink illustration, the complex and beautiful structures of the Sun's surface come to life in yet…

12 years ago