Perseverance rover

The Current Mars Sample Return Mission isn’t Going to Work. NASA is Going Back to the Drawing Board

Human spaceflight is not the easiest of enterprises. NASA have let us know that their plans for the Mars Sample…

3 days ago

Perseverance Finds its Dream Rock

If there's a Holy Grail on Mars, it's probably a specific type of rock: A rock so important that it…

2 weeks ago

Search for Life on Mars Could Level-Up with MARSE Mission Concept

A recent study presented at the 55th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC) discusses the Mars Astrobiology, Resource, and Science…

3 weeks ago

Perseverance Sees Phobos, Deimos and Mercury Passing in Front of the Sun

NASA's Perseverance rover is busy exploring the Martian surface and collecting samples for eventual return to Earth. But the rover…

1 month ago

Perseverance is Definitely Inside an Ancient Lake on Mars

The search for life on alien worlds has captivated us for hundreds of years. In some respect, the search for…

3 months ago

NASA Lost Contact With its Ingenuity Helicopter Briefly, but it's Back

Imagine remotely flying a drone or small aircraft from a great distance and loosing contact with it during flight. You’d…

3 months ago

Future Mars Helicopters Could Explore Lava Tubes

The exploration of Mars continues, with many nations sending robotic missions to search for evidence of past life and learn…

3 months ago

Perseverance Watches a Dust Devil Whirl Past

The Perseverance rover captured images of a dust devil on Mars, which were used to create this video.

7 months ago

NASA’s Perseverance Rover is Setting Records on Mars

NASA's Perseverance Rover has been exploring Mars for more than 900 sols. It's the most scientifically advanced rover ever built…

7 months ago

This Mess of Boulders Was Deposited by an Ancient River on Mars

NASA's Perseverance rover took its 20th sample from "Emerald Lake," an area filled by rocks that were deposited by an…

9 months ago