partial solar eclipse

Our Guide to Tuesday’s Partial Solar Eclipse for Europe

Europe, the Middle East, and northeast Africa will see the final solar eclipse of 2022 next Tuesday.

2 years ago

Partial Solar Eclipse Images from Around the World

People across the northern hemisphere looked up today – taking the correct precautions, of course – and were treated to…

3 years ago

A Partial Solar Eclipse and the Perseids Round Out August

How about that Total Lunar Eclipse this past July 13th? It has been a busy year for astronomy for sure,…

6 years ago

A Partial Solar Eclipse Down Under

Eclipse season in nigh... though most of us won't notice. The second eclipse season for 2018 commences with the arrival…

6 years ago

Beautiful Images of the October 23, 2014, Partial Solar Eclipse

"The Sun looks like it has a bite taken out of it!" said one enthusiastic viewer of the partial solar…

10 years ago

How to Take Great Photographs of the October 23rd Partial Solar Eclipse and More

Get those solar viewers out… the final eclipse of 2014 occurs this Thursday on October 23rd, and most of North…

10 years ago