Hubble’s Orbit Has Dropped So Far that Starlink Satellites are Photobombing its Images

Astronomy is poised for another leap. In the next several years, major ground-based telescopes will come online, including the Extremely…

3 weeks ago

Weekly Space Hangout: December 9, 2020 – Casey Dreier: Are Changes Coming to NASA/US Space Policy?

https://youtu.be/d3_CZD2PhhA We are pleased to once again welcome Casey Dreier from the Planetary Society to the WSH. Casey will update…

2 years ago

Climate Change is Making the Atmosphere Worse for Astronomy

Modern astronomical telescopes are extraordinarly powerful. And we keep making them more powerful. With telescopes like the Extremely Large Telescope…

2 years ago

Five Space and Astronomy Activities to do at Home During the Coronavirus Outbreak

We’re in uncharted territory as the world faces the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. While the medical community is on the front…

3 years ago

Here Comes the Next Satellite Constellation. OneWeb Launches 34 Satellites on Thursday

SpaceX has been garnering all the headlines when it comes to satellite constellations. Their Starlink system will eventually have thousands…

3 years ago

When Does the Sun Rise… Really?

It's strange but true... we may not fully understand one of the simplest metrics in observational astronomy: just what time…

4 years ago

Watch a House-Sized Asteroid Pass Close to Earth Tonight (October 11/12)

On Oct. 12, a house-size asteroid will pass quite close to Earth – only 26,000 miles (42,000 kilometers) away. This…

5 years ago

Astronomy Cast Ep. 452: Summer Observing Challenges

Summer is almost here, and for the northern hemisphere, that means warm nights for observing. But what to observe? We're…

6 years ago

Mars At Closest Point To Earth in 11 Years May 30, 2016

Mars is reaching its closest point to Earth in 11 years, and will be a delightful to amateur astronomers.

7 years ago

Space Station Back At Dusk / See Orion’s Curlicue and Five Dawn Planets

Here are some cool things to look for in the night sky this coming week including many passes of the…

7 years ago