NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Satellite Measurements Show That Global Carbon Emissions are Still Rising

According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Sixth Assessment Report (AR6), human activities have significantly impacted the planet.…

4 months ago

There’s a Problem With Hubble, and NASA Hasn’t Been Able to fix it yet

After thirty years of faithful service, the venerable Hubble is experiencing a technical issue that NASA is still trying to…

3 years ago

Here’s What the Climate Might Look Like on Proxima Centauri B

NASA scientists have run simulations that show what the climate on Proxima b might be like, with encouraging results!

4 years ago

Using Atmospheric Beacons to Search for Signs of Extra-Terrestrial Life

A new study by a team of NASA scientists has shown how searching for biosignatures known as atmospheric beacons could…

7 years ago

NASA’s Webb Space Telescope Launch Delayed to 2019

The most powerful space telescope ever built will have to wait on the ground for a few more months into…

7 years ago

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Asteroid Sampler Slingshots Around Earth Friday, Sept. 22 – Catch It If You Can!

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL - Barely a year after NASA’s OSIRIS-REx robotic asteroid sampler launched on a trailblazing mission to…

7 years ago

Northrop Grumman Acquires Orbital ATK for $9.2 Billion

Aerospace giant Northrop Grumman will acquire Orbital ATK for approximately $9.2 billion, in a deal the companies announced Monday and…

7 years ago

Sunshield Layers Installed on NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope as Mirror Cryo Cooling Testing Commences

The complex multilayered sunshield that will protect the delicate optics and state of the art infrared science instruments of NASA’s…

7 years ago

Bad News For Proxima b: An Earth-Like Atmosphere Might Not Survive There

A new study led by researchers from NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center indicates that Proxima b would be likely to…

7 years ago

NASA Webb Telescope Resumes Rigorous Vibration Qualification Tests

Engineers have resumed a series of critical and rigorous vibration qualification tests on NASA’s mammoth James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)…

7 years ago