Before we Develop Self-Replicating Machines to Explore the Universe, we Should Figure out how to Turn Them off Again

In a recent study, aerospace engineer Prof. Alex Ellery proposes a biologically-inspired method that could keep self-replicating robots from running…

1 year ago

There Could Be Four Hostile Civilizations in the Milky Way

In a series of papers, amateur astronomer and exoplanet researcher Alberto Caballero narrows down who could have sent the Wow!…

1 year ago

What is the Arecibo Message?

In 1974, the famous Arecibo Message was sent into space, humanity's first and only attempt at messaging extraterrestrial intelligence.

2 years ago

Beyond “Fermi’s Paradox” XVII: What is the “SETI-Paradox” Hypothesis?

Another reason we haven't heard from aliens is that the possibility that every everyone is listening, but nobody's messaging!

2 years ago

Are Aliens Communicating with Neutrino Beams?

In a new article, Dr. Morris Jones of METI International proposed expanding our search for evidence of intelligent life by…

6 years ago

Going Viral: Why Alien Signals Get Everyone Excited

So, that ‘strong’ signal from aliens everyone was so excited about this week? Turns out, it was probably something from…

7 years ago

Aliens? “Strong” Signal Detected From Sun-Like Star Being Verified By SETI

We’re not saying its aliens, but this could be the most enticing signal from space since the famous “Wow! Signal”…

7 years ago

Alien Minds Part III: The Octopus’s Garden and the Country of the Blind

If we do discover that there are aliens orbiting other planets, will we know how to communicate with them? What…

7 years ago

Lone Signal: First Continous Message Beacon to Find and Say Hello to an Extraterrestrial Civilization

Although scientists have been listening for years to search for indications of other sentient life in the Universe, just a…

10 years ago