Messaging to extraterrestrial intelligence

Beyond “Fermi’s Paradox” XVII: What is the “SETI-Paradox” Hypothesis?

Another reason we haven't heard from aliens is that the possibility that every everyone is listening, but nobody's messaging!

3 years ago

Language in the Cosmos II: Hello There GJ273b

The ‘Language in the Cosmos’ symposium Three times in October, 2017 researchers turned a powerful radar telescope near Tromsø, Norway…

6 years ago

Language in the Cosmos I: Is Universal Grammar Really Universal?

Is there any way we can hope to communicate with aliens? Will they have a concept of language as we…

6 years ago

Alien Minds I: Are Extraterrestrial Civilizations Likely to Evolve?

Paul Patton begins a three-part series on the evolutionary biology of aliens. Will they follow the same direction as life…

8 years ago

Who Speaks for Earth? The Controversy over Interstellar Messaging

Should we beam messages into deep space, announcing our presence to any extraterrestrial civilizations that might be out there? Or,…

9 years ago