Merging Galaxies

This Strange-Looking Galaxy is Actually Two. And They're Merging

This strange-looking galaxy seems to be a spiral with a long tidal tail stretching away. It's known as Arp 122,…

3 months ago

Some Quasars Actually Contain Two Supermassive Black Holes in the Process of Merging

Astronomers have found a powerful quasar powered by two supermassive black holes.

4 years ago

Scientist Find Treasure Trove of Giant Black Hole Pairs

In two new studies by international teams of astrophysicists, a wealth of merging black hole pairs have been discovered, which…

7 years ago

When do Black Holes Become Active? The Case of the Strangely-Shaped Galaxy Mrk 273

The Hubble image above shows a strange galaxy, known as Mrk 273.  The odd shape – including the infrared bright…

11 years ago

Nearby Galaxy Has Two Monster Black Holes

[/caption] Why does this galaxy appear to be smiling? The answer might be because it has been holding a secret…

13 years ago