Does a “Mirror World of Particles” Explain the Crisis in Cosmology?

A mirror universe model might explain why measurements of Hubble constant disagree.

2 years ago

Gravitational Waves Could Explain why There’s More Matter Than Antimatter in the Universe

One of the questions underpinning both philosophy and science is “why are we here”?  Ask an astrophysicist, and they might…

2 years ago

Matter From Light. Physicists Create Matter and Antimatter by Colliding Just Photons.

An effect predicted in 1934 has finally been observed, creating matter from light alone.

3 years ago

Every Time Lightning Strikes, Matter-Antimatter Annihilation Happens too

A new study from a team of Japanese researchers has shown that matter-antimatter annihilations happen as a result of lightning…

6 years ago

We’re One Step Closer to Knowing Why There’s More Matter Than Antimatter in the Universe

The T2K experiment just released its first batch of data, which could help answer why there is an apparent imbalance…

7 years ago