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Mars Rovers

Scientists Search for Ancient Fossils in Australia, Practicing the Techniques They’ll Use on Mars

NASA's Mars 2020 Rover is heading to Mars soon to look for fossils. The ESA/Roscosmos ExoMars rover is heading to…

2 months ago

You Can Use a Live Webcam to Watch NASA Build the Mars 2020 Rover

NASA's next mission to the surface of Mars is called the 2020 rover (in case you didn't know already.) It's…

7 months ago

It’s Decided, the Mars 2020 Rover Will Land in Jezero Crater

Jezero crater is the landing spot for NASA's upcoming 2020 rover. The crater is a rich geological site, and the…

1 year ago

A Tiny Motor on Curiosity was one of the First Instruments to Notice the Global Martian Dust Storm

A tiny actuator on a sample arm on the Curiosity rover gave the first indication that a storm on the…

1 year ago

Astronomy Cast Ep. 493: Mars Update 2018

If there's one place we've learned more about in the last 10 years, it's Mars. Thanks to all those rovers,…

2 years ago

Exciting New Views Of Opportunity’s Remarkable Landing Site

The HiRise camera aboard NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has captured color images of the Opportunity's 2004 Hole In One landing…

3 years ago

Mars Has Features That Look Very Similar To Life Bearing Hot Springs On Earth

Rock formations at the Gusev Crater on Mars closely resemble formations at El Tatio in Chile, which were partly formed…

3 years ago

What is the Mars Curse?

If you’re going to send a spacecraft to Mars, you’ve got to know that place has an insatiable hunger for…

3 years ago

JPL Predicts Mars’ Global Dust Storm To Arrive Within Weeks

A NASA researcher thinks he has figured out how to predict global dust storms on Mars.

3 years ago

Schiaparelli & The Problematic History Of Martian Landings

The Schiaparelli lander will attempt it's landing on Mars in 15 days. Will it succeed, or join the long list…

3 years ago