mars exploration

The Current Mars Sample Return Mission isn’t Going to Work. NASA is Going Back to the Drawing Board

Human spaceflight is not the easiest of enterprises. NASA have let us know that their plans for the Mars Sample…

3 days ago

Search for Life on Mars Could Level-Up with MARSE Mission Concept

A recent study presented at the 55th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference (LPSC) discusses the Mars Astrobiology, Resource, and Science…

3 weeks ago

Should We Send Humans to Mars?

Universe Today has explored the potential for sending humans to Europa, Venus, Titan, and Pluto, all of which possess environmental…

3 months ago

Ingenuity Suffers Rotor Damage, Ending the Mission

There have been numerous robotic space missions reach the end of their operating life over the years and for a…

3 months ago

Helicopters Could Map the Magnetic Fields on Mars

A recent study published in The Planetary Science Journal examines how helicopters equipped with a magnetometer could be used to…

7 months ago

Melting Water in Mars’ Past Could Have Created Martian Gullies

A recent study published in Science examines how thin channels inside impact craters on Mars could have formed from Martian…

10 months ago

Mars Has a Thick Crust. Its Internal Heat Mainly Comes from Radioactivity

How thick is the crust of Mars? This question is what a recent study published in Geophysical Research Letters attempted…

11 months ago

Would Mark Watney Have Survived in Real Life, and What This Can Teach Us About Sending Humans to Mars

We want to send humans to Mars eventually, and while this will be both a historic and exciting journey, it…

1 year ago

China’s Tianwen-1 has Imaged the Entire Surface of Mars, Completing its Primary Mission

After exploring Mars for more than a year, China’s Tianwen-1 space probe has successfully taken images covering the entire Red…

2 years ago

UAE’s Mars Hope Team Publishes ‘Mars Atlas’

The United Arab Emirates Space Agency releases a unique comprehensive atlas of the Red Planet.

2 years ago