lunar regolith

NASA is Building an Electrodynamic Shield to Deal with all that Dust on the Moon and Mars

Exploration of the Moon or other dusty environments comes with challenges. The lunar surface is covered in material known as…

1 month ago

What Could We Build With Lunar Regolith?

It has often been likened to talcum powder. The ultra fine lunar surface material known as the regolith is crushed…

2 months ago

New Study Addresses how Lunar Missions will Kick up Moondust.

Before the end of this decade, NASA plans to return astronauts to the Moon for the first time since the…

3 months ago

Electrodes in Spacesuits Could Protect Astronauts from Harmful Dust on Mars

To quote NASA associate administrator Jim Reuter, sending crewed missions to Mars by 2040 is an "audacious goal." The challenges…

3 months ago

Chickpeas Grown in Lunar Regolith Are Stressed but Reach Maturity

A recent preprint investigates how chickpeas have been successfully grown in lunar regolith simulants (LRS), marking the first time such…

4 months ago

ESA is Stockpiling Simulated Regolith for the Ultimate Lunar Playground.

Testing interplanetary landers means putting them in an environment as close to their destination as possible. Mars landers are often…

5 months ago

Building Roads Out of Moon Dust

Astronauts will face a host of obstacles when they visit the Moon again. There's powerful radiation, wild temperature swings, and…

7 months ago

Some Lunar Regolith is Better for Living Off the Land on the Moon

In a recent study, a geology professor developed a classification scheme for lunar regolith that could inform everything from base…

8 months ago

Astronauts Will Be Tracking Dust Into the Lunar Gateway. Is This a Problem?

A NASA-supported study examines how lunar regolith could impact the Gateway and other aspects of NASA's Artemis Program.

12 months ago

How Much Damage Will Lunar Landings Do to Lunar Orbiters?

A new study considers how missions landing and taking off from the lunar surface could cause damage to orbiting spacecraft.

12 months ago