lunar regolith

It Should be Possible to Farm on the Moon

An astronaut’s gotta eat, right? Especially if they are on a long-duration mission to places like the Moon. Scientists have…

1 month ago

Dust From the Moon Could Help the Shade the Earth and Slow Down Climate Change

A new study considers how lunar dust launched from the surface of the Moon could help reverse Climate Change.

1 month ago

Want to Build Structures on the Moon? Just Blast the Regolith With Microwaves

Microwaves are useful for more than just heating up leftovers. They can also make landing pads on other worlds -…

3 months ago

The Solar Wind is Creating Water on the Surface of the Moon

Water on the Moon has been a hot topic in the research world lately. Since its first unambiguous discovery back…

3 months ago

Plants can grow in lunar regolith, but they’re not happy about it

NASA is sending astronauts back to the Moon by the end of this decade, and hope to send humans to…

10 months ago

The Surface of the Moon is Electrically Charged, Which Could Allow a Hovering Robot to Explore it

A team from MIT has developed a concept for a robotic mission that would use ion beams to levitate on…

1 year ago

There’s Enough Oxygen in the Lunar Regolith to Support Billions of People on the Moon

In recent article, soil scientist John Grant discusses the ways in which we could harvest abundant amounts of oxygen directly…

1 year ago

Did the Moon Ever Have a Magnetosphere?

New research led by Rochester University has shown the Moon had a short-lived magnetosphere, which has implications for future lunar…

2 years ago

Astronauts Could Dust off Themselves and Equipment on the Moon With an Electron Beam

In the near future, astronauts could use a handheld electron beam to remove lunar dust from their suits and hardware.

2 years ago

Lunar Dust is Still One of The Biggest Challenges Facing Moon Exploration

The ESA is investing in research that will lead to spacesuits and materials that can handle one of the biggest…

2 years ago