Lunar and Planetary Laboratory

There's a Giant Magma Plume on Mars, Bulging the Surface out Across a Vast Region

Scientists find more evidence that a magma plume could exist beneath Elysium Planitia, proving Mars might still be volcanically active

2 years ago

Nope, our Temporary Moon Isn’t Space Junk, it’s an Asteroid

A team of astronomers from the University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory has confirmed that Earth's "temporary Moon" is…

7 years ago

Evidence Continues To Mount For Ninth Planet

A new study produced by researchers at Caltech links the existence of Planet 9 to the axial tilt of our…

8 years ago

Kuiper Belt Objects Point The Way To Planet 9

A new study from the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory has indicated that the extreme eccentricity of distant KBOs could point…

8 years ago