living in space

Spending Time in Space? Maximize Your Health with this Space Salad

Space exploration carries with it many challengs and one of them is eating, or more accurately the provision of food.…

2 months ago

A Human Migration to Space is NOT so Inevitable, says New Research

A new study looks at what it takes to survive beyond Earth, raising serious questions about whether or not human…

11 months ago

Extreme Bacteria on the Space Station are Evolving to Handle the Harsh Conditions, not to Make Astronauts Sick

A new study conducted by researchers from NWU has shown that bacteria do not mutate into super bugs.

5 years ago

How Much Would it Cost to Launch Your House into Space?

House in Space, from a NASA Remix Challenge. Credit: Cookieater2009 on Flickr. Some people like an adventure, but don't want…

11 years ago

Brain Surgery, Fixing the Space Station’s Toilet and Orbital Cremation

"As you can imagine, all works comes to a stop on the Space Station when the toilet breaks," said astronaut…

12 years ago

The Astronaut’s Guide to Life in Space

NPR (National Public Radio) put together this video from 1980s-era NASA video with commentary by astronauts of various missions. The…

12 years ago

ISS “Iron Chef” Recalls Holiday Cooking in Space

[/caption] Last year at this time, astronaut Sandy Magnus was living on board the International Space Station. When the holidays…

14 years ago