Stunning Astrophoto: Jet Star Roller Coaster Meets Star Trails

Stars streak over the Jet Star rollercoaster in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, as it awaits removal from the Atlantic Ocean. Credit and copyright: Jack Fusco.

A victim of Hurricane Sandy provides the foreground for a stunning view of star trails over Seaside Heights, New Jersey. The Jet Star roller coaster and three other amusement rides fell into the ocean after the partial collapse of Casino Pier during Hurricane Sandy. The roller coaster sitting in the ocean became an iconic symbol of the hurricane’s destruction last fall. Astrophotographer Jack Fusco captured this absolutely incredible shot of the Jet Star under a blanket of stars on April 9, 2013. The Jet Star will soon be dismantled and removed. As one commenter on Flickr said, this shot will live on even after the roller coaster is gone.

See more of Jack’s work on Flickr, Google+ and his website,

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