Back to School Inspiration: Be That Light

Are you an educator, heading back to another year of teaching and need a little inspiration? — or do you know a teacher that is back in the classroom after summer break? Then this awesome little video is for you. It’s the latest from “Symphony of Science” and it features our friend Dr. Jeff Goldstein and a speech he made at the National Science Teachers Association Conference this year, “Science – It’s Not a Book of Knowledge … It’s a Journey.” Dr. Jeff is a science educator and planetary scientist and is the Director of National Center for Earth and Space Science Education. He is passionate about teaching and is admittedly “emotional about science,” as we all should be.

Here’s why he helped make this video: “Right now, in this very moment, we wanted to poetically and passionately reaffirm to teachers why they went into teaching, and for the millions of teachers across America, recognize their selfless and noble dedication to lighting the way. This is a heartfelt thank you to teachers for their unwavering dedication to the next generation.”

If you need more inspiration, see Dr. Jeff’s Blog on the Universe