James Webb

A Collection of New Images Reveal X-Rays Across the Universe

One of the miracles of modern astronomy is the ability to ‘see’ wavelengths of light that human eyes can’t. Last…

1 week ago

NASA's Report Details a Dark Time in American History but Finds no Direct Evidence That Webb Fired People for Their Sexual Orientation

NASA has released its James Webb History Report, which explains why they are not changing the name of their flagship…

10 months ago

Here are Four Ways JWST Could Detect Alien Life

There are many ways that the James Webb Space Telescope could search for life. Here are four promising ones.

11 months ago

Booster 7’s BOOM, Nuclear Mission to Neptune, More JWST Images

Even more pictures from James Webb Space Telescope, China's planning a mission to Neptune, SpaceX's Booster 7 suffers from an…

1 year ago

Want to Know What James Webb Looks Like in Powerful Earth Telescopes? Prepare to be Underwhelmed

The Virtual Telescope Project recently provided images of the James Webb Space Telescope in the night sky.

2 years ago

JWST Just Deployed a Sail That Lets it Stop Getting Pushed Around by the Sun’s Radiation.

The James Webb just deployed another important instrument - the aft momentum flap - that will keep the telescope steady…

2 years ago

After 10 Days of Dangerous, Careful Work, James Webb has Been Fully Fueled up

After many MANY delays, the James Webb Space Telescope is fully-fueled and ready for the final stage of preparations before…

2 years ago

Finally! Here’s the Video of Webb’s Unboxing

It’s been a long time coming.  Finally, after years of delays and billions of dollars in budget overruns, the James…

2 years ago

We Could Find Extraterrestrial Civilizations by Their Air Pollution

Upcoming telescopes will give us more power to search for biosignatures on all the exoplanets we've found. Much of the…

3 years ago

James Webb is Working Perfectly! On the Ground. Next Trick: Doing it From Space

The James Webb Space Telescope recently passed another critical milestone - the Ground Segment Test - and is on track…

3 years ago