James Webb Telescope

“The Universe Breakers”: Six Galaxies That are Too Big, Too Early

In the first data taken last summer with the Near Infrared Camera (NIRCam) on the new James Webb Space Telescope,…

7 months ago

Neptune and Its Rings Glow in Webb Telescope’s Portrait

The first picture of Neptune to be taken by NASA's James Webb Space Telescope reveals the latest, greatest details of…

1 year ago

Another Amazing Image from Webb, This Time it’s Galaxy IC 5332

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) continues to both dazzle and amaze with its latest image, this time of Galaxy…

1 year ago

Here’s Why Webb Doesn’t Have Cameras on Board to Livestream its Deployment

As the James Webb Space Telescope unfolds and makes its way to its final destination in space, NASA and ESA…

2 years ago

James Webb’s 30 Days of Terror

It’s been a long and winding road getting the James Webb Space Telescope from concept to reality. And finally, after…

2 years ago

James Webb Space Telescope Celebrated in Stunning New Video

A new short film showcases the James Webb Telescope - the successor to Hubble - and all the amazing things…

7 years ago

The Early Universe Was All About Galactic Hook Ups

According to new research by an international team of scientists, early galaxies were characterized by mergers (aka. "hookups")

8 years ago

The Milky Way’s New Neighbor May Tell Us Things About the Universe

As part of the Local Group, a collection of 54 galaxies and dwarf galaxies that measures 10 million light years…

9 years ago

Senate Saves the James Webb Space Telescope!

The 2012 fiscal year appropriation bill, marked up today by the Senate, allows for continued funding of the James Webb…

12 years ago