James Webb Space Telescope

Exoplanet Found With a Highly Eccentric Orbit

Observations made by an international team of researchers has found a mini-Neptune with the most eccentric orbit of any planet…

6 days ago

Webb’s Mirror Now Fully Unfolded. Prepare to Witness the Power of This Unprecedented Space Telescope

The James Webb Space Telescope primary mirror is now fully unfolded, which successfully completes the mission's major deployments. The starboard…

2 weeks ago

JWST Deploys its Secondary Mirror. It’s a Real Telescope Now

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a telescope. The secondary mirror on the James Webb Space Telescope was successfully deployed in…

2 weeks ago

Success! Webb Sunshield Now Fully Deployed

If you felt a little more tension – and perhaps more goosebumps -- in the Universe today, it’s probably because…

2 weeks ago

JWST Just Deployed a Sail That Lets it Stop Getting Pushed Around by the Sun’s Radiation.

The James Webb just deployed another important instrument - the aft momentum flap - that will keep the telescope steady…

3 weeks ago

Still Nervous about JWST? Friday and Saturday’s Sunshield Deployments will be Nail-biters

Every part of the James Webb Space Telescope’s (JWST's) deployment is nerve-wracking, but some of the most nail-biting moments will…

3 weeks ago

Want Updates on JWST? NASA’s Site Will Bury you in Data: Distance, Temperatures, Deployment Stats… Everything

Want to know the latest details on the James Webb Space Telescope? NASA has a “dashboard” where you can see…

3 weeks ago

JWST’s Precise Launch and Near-Perfect Course Corrections Mean Fuel Savings. And That Means a Longer Mission

After a detailed analysis of where the James Webb Space Telescope is now (Dec. 29, 2021) and how it got…

3 weeks ago

JWST Is On Its Way!

It’s really happening. After all the years of delays, reschedulings, budget shortfalls, and even more delays, the James Webb Space…

4 weeks ago

Primordial Black Holes Could Explain Dark Matter and the Growth of Supermassive Black Holes at the Same Time

The James Webb telescope might discover primordial black holes in the near future.

4 weeks ago