James Webb Space Telescope

Webb Turns its Infrared Gaze on Mars

The first Webb images of Mars were just released by the ESA, revealing spectra from the planet's atmosphere and what…

2 weeks ago

Neptune and Its Rings Glow in Webb Telescope’s Portrait

The first picture of Neptune to be taken by NASA's James Webb Space Telescope reveals the latest, greatest details of…

2 weeks ago

There Could be as Many Water Worlds as Earths in the Milky Way

A new study has examined all the rocky planets around red dwarf stars and determined that "water worlds" are as…

3 weeks ago

Wow! Here's Webb's View of the Tarantula Nebula

Here’s the Tarantula Nebula like we've never seen it before. The James Webb Space Telescope turned its detectors towards the…

1 month ago

JWST Finds a Clear, Unambiguous Signal for Carbon Dioxide in an Exoplanet’s Atmosphere

An early – and exciting -- science result from the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) was announced today: the first…

1 month ago

The Latest Webb Observations Don’t Disprove The Big Bang, But They Are Interesting

New observations from the JWST don't disprove the big bang any more than Hubble did.

2 months ago

Webb Telescope Sees Jupiter and Its Auroras in a New Light

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is designed to probe the farthest frontiers of the universe, but newly released images of…

2 months ago

Has JWST Found Proto-Globular Clusters?

The James Webb Space Telescope continues to deliver surprise after surprise. Next up, a team of astronomers have identified likely…

2 months ago

A New Image From Webb Shows Galaxy NGC 1365, Known to Have an Actively Feeding Supermassive Black Hole

A new James Webb image shows the Great Barred Spiral Galaxy in stunning detail!

2 months ago

Here’s the Largest Image JWST Has Taken So Far

A team of scientists using the James Webb Space Telescope have just released the largest image taken by the telescope…

2 months ago