Engineers Design Habitats for the Moon Inspired by Terminite Mounds

Through the Artemis Program, NASA intends to send astronauts back to the Moon for the first time since the Apollo…

1 week ago

Chickpeas Grown in Lunar Regolith Are Stressed but Reach Maturity

A recent preprint investigates how chickpeas have been successfully grown in lunar regolith simulants (LRS), marking the first time such…

2 weeks ago

NASA Wants to Learn to Live Off the Land on the Moon

In preparation for the upcoming Artemis missions to the lunar south pole, NASA recently solicited a Request for Information (RFI)…

4 months ago

A Comprehensive Blueprint for the Settlement of Mars

A new study considers all the challenges, benefits, and necessary steps for settling Mars.

4 months ago

Some Lunar Regolith is Better for Living Off the Land on the Moon

In a recent study, a geology professor developed a classification scheme for lunar regolith that could inform everything from base…

5 months ago

Airbus Developed a System To Extract Oxygen and Metal From Lunar Regolith

New technologies utilizing material found in space are constantly popping up, sometimes from smaller companies and sometimes from larger ones.…

9 months ago

Instead of Building Structures on Mars, we Could Grow Them With the Help of Bacteria

A new process that combines bacteria and lichen could "grow" bricks from Martian soil. The proposal selected for development by…

1 year ago

Researchers Make Rocket Fuel Using Actual Regolith From the Moon

In-situ resource utilization is a hot topic these days in space exploration circles, and scientists and engineers have had a…

1 year ago

What is ISRU, and How Will it Help Human Space Exploration?

As Artemis 1 prepares for its maiden launch with the goal of putting astronauts back on the Moon’s surface within…

1 year ago

Mars and Moon Dust can be Turned Into Geopolymer Cement. Good Enough for Landing Pads and Other Structures

Materials science has long taken the lead in space exploration research, and it seems to have been getting even more…

2 years ago