Intermediate Mass Black Hole

Where Are the Missing Black Holes? The Hubble May Have Helped Find One

Most black holes are stellar mass black holes. They're created when a star several times more massive than our Sun…

1 year ago

A Cluster of Black Holes Found Inside a Globular Cluster of Stars

Globular clusters can be home to lots of stellar-mass black holes, rather than a single intermediate mass black hole.

3 years ago

Chandra’s Verdict on the Demise of a Star: “Death by Black Hole”

This week, astronomers announced the detection of a rare event, a star being torn to shreds by a massive black…

11 years ago

Young Star Cluster In Disintegrated Galaxy Reveals First-Ever Intermediate Mass Black Hole

[/caption] Score another first for NASA's Hubble Space Telescope! Along with observations taken with the Swift X-ray telescope, a team…

12 years ago