Infrared Astronomy

Webb Telescope Sees Jupiter and Its Auroras in a New Light

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is designed to probe the farthest frontiers of the universe, but newly released images of…

1 month ago

They’re Here! Check out the First Images from the James Webb Space Telescope!

The first images of the James Webb Space Telescope are here!

2 months ago

Astronomer Working With Webb Said the new Images “Almost Brought him to Tears.” We’ll see Them on July 12th

The first images taken by James Webb will be released in a little more than a week! According to NASA,…

3 months ago

First Images From JWST are Coming on July 12th

We're about to reach a milestone that many thought we would never reach. After years of wrangling, cost overruns, threats…

4 months ago

Now, We can Finally Compare Webb to Other Infrared Observatories

The images released by the James Webb Space Telescope team last week aren’t officially ‘first light’ images from the new…

5 months ago

Webb Has Almost Reached its Final, Coldest Temperature

  Launched on December 25, 2021 from ESA's launch site in Kourou, French Guiana aboard an Ariane 5 rocket, the…

5 months ago

Wondering About the 6 Rays Coming out of JWST's Test Image? Here's why They Happen

The new image taken by James Webb... were you wondering why it looks so spikey? As it turns out, that's…

6 months ago

Advanced Civilizations Could be Using Dyson Spheres to Collect Energy From Black Holes. Here’s how we Could Detect Them

Black holes are more than just massive objects that swallow everything around them - they’re also one of the universe’s…

1 year ago

James Webb’s Upper Stage is off to the Launch Site

The rocket that will carry the James Webb Space Telescope to space later this year is on its way to…

1 year ago

Observing the Night Side of Venus is Actually Pretty Tricky

Observing the dark side of planets is hard. In the visible spectrum, they are almost unobservable, while in the infrared…

1 year ago