Uh oh. Hubble's Having Gyro Problems Again

The Hubble Space Telescope has gone through its share of gyroscopes in its 34-year history in space. Astronauts replaced the…

3 months ago

Webb Blocks the Star to See a Debris Disk Around Beta Pictoris

You think you know someone, then you see them in a slightly different way and BAM, they surprise you. I’m…

6 months ago

Astronomers Think They've Found One of the Biggest Black Holes Ever Seen

Using the Gravitational Lensing technique, astronomers have found evidence of what could be the largest black hole ever detected!

1 year ago

Hubble is Fully Operational Once Again

After suffering a technical glitch and going into sleep mode for the second time this year, Hubble is once again…

3 years ago

Nancy Grace Roman Just Passed a Critical Design Review

The Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope just completed it's Mission Critical Design Review, a major milestone on the road to…

3 years ago

Time to Update Your Desktop Wallpaper With This Perfect Spiral Galaxy: NGC 691

That latest image from Hubble shows the NGC 691 spiral galaxy in all of it's glory!

3 years ago

WFIRST Will be Named After Nancy Grace Roman, NASA’s First Chief Astronomer

In honor of NASA's first Chief Astronomer and the "mother of Hubble," the WFIRST has been officially named the Nancy…

4 years ago

NASA Completes Critical Space Communications Network with Spectacular Launch of Final TDRS Science Relay Satellite

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, FL – Today marked the end of an era for NASA as the last of the agency’s…

7 years ago

Unveiled Webb Telescope Mirrors Mesmerize in ‘Golden’ Glory

NASA GODDARD SPACE FLIGHT CENTER, MD - It’s Mesmerizing ! That’s the overwhelming feeling expressed among the fortunate few setting…

8 years ago

NASA’s ‘Hubble Hugger’ and Science Chief John Grunsfeld To Retire

Five time space shuttle astronaut and current NASA science chief John Grunsfeld - best known as the ‘Hubble Hugger’ for…

8 years ago