Higgs boson

Peter Higgs Dies at 94

Just like Isaac Newton, Galileo and Albert Einstein, I’m not sure exactly when I became aware of Peter Higgs. He…

1 month ago

Maybe “Boson Clouds” Could Explain Dark Matter

The search is underway for a hypothetical form of dark matter known as boson clouds.

2 years ago

CERN Declares War On The Standard Model

Researchers at the LHC beauty experiment (part of CERN) announced new test results that hint at the existence of new…

7 years ago

What are Leptons?

According to the Standard Model of Particle Physics, all matter is composed is hadrons (which are made up of elementary…

7 years ago

What is the CERN Particle Accelerator?

Located beneath the border between France and Switzerland is the CERN Particle Accelerator, the largest instrument of its kind in…

8 years ago

The Hype Machine Deflates After CERN Data Shows No New Particle

At ICEP 2016, researchers from CERN presented the latest results from the LHC, which showed that there is no evidence…

8 years ago

What is the Higgs Boson?

What is this thing we keep hearing about - the Higgs Boson, and why is it important? (more…)

8 years ago

What Are The Parts Of An Atom?

Thanks to centuries of ongoing research, modern scientists have a very good understanding of how atoms work and what their…

8 years ago

Astronomy Cast Ep. 394: The Standard Model – Bosons

All fundamental particles are either fermions or bosons. Last week we talked about quarks, which are fermions. This week we'll…

9 years ago

Book Review and Giveaway: “Most Wanted Particle” by Jon Butterworth

Most Wanted Particle is an insider’s tale of the hunt for the Higgs boson, the field which imparts mass to,…

9 years ago