hall-effect thruster

Next Generation Ion Engines Will Be Extremely Powerful

During the Space Race, scientists in both the United States and the Soviet Union investigated the concept of ion propulsion.…

4 weeks ago

An Alternative Theory of Inertia will Get Tested in Space

This summer, the first all-electric thruster will be tested in orbit. This technology could revolutionize commercial space as know it!

1 year ago

The First Cubesat With a Hall-Effect Thruster has Gone to Space

Student-led teams aren’t the only ones testing out novel electric propulsion techniques recently.  Back in November, a company called Exotrail…

3 years ago

About 3% of Starlinks Have Failed So Far

A new analysis indicates that 3% of Starlink satellites have failed since they were launched to orbit, which could mean…

4 years ago

New Way to Make Plasma Propulsion Lighter and More Efficient

A new study from a team of British and French physicists presents a concept for plasma thrusters that are both…

7 years ago