Exomoons: Why study them? What can they teach us about finding life beyond Earth?

Universe Today has had the recent privilege of investigating a multitude of scientific disciplines, including impact craters, planetary surfaces, exoplanets,…

2 weeks ago

Existing Telescopes Could Directly Observe ‘ExoEarths…’ with a Few Tweaks

One proposal offers a unique method to directly image ExoEarths, or rocky worlds around nearby stars.

2 weeks ago

That’s No Planet. Detecting Transiting Megastructures

One of the easiest ways to find exoplanets is using the transit method. It relies upon monitoring the brightness of…

3 weeks ago

Webb Explains a Puffy Planet

I love the concept of a ‘puffy’ planet! The exoplanets discovered that fall into this category are typically the same…

2 months ago

Maybe Ultra-Hot Jupiters Aren’t So Doomed After All

Ultra-hot Jupiters (UHJs) are some of the most fascinating astronomical objects in the cosmos, classified as having orbital periods of…

2 months ago

Saturn-Sized Exoplanet Isn’t Losing Mass Quickly Enough

We have discovered over 5,000 planets around other star systems. Amongst the veritable cosmic menagerie of exoplanets, it seems there…

2 months ago

Astronomers Try to Directly Observe Epsilon Eridani b. No Luck. Maybe Webb Can Find it?

Back in the year 2000, Epsilon Eridani b was discovered. It is a Jupiter-like exoplanet 10.5 light years away but…

2 months ago

Measuring Exoplanetary Magnetospheres with the Square Kilometer Array

Life on Earth would not be possible without food, water, light, a breathable atmosphere and surprisingly, a magnetic field. Without…

3 months ago

TESS Finds its First Rogue Planet

Well over 5,000 planets have been found orbiting other star systems. One of the satellites hunting for them is TESS,…

3 months ago

Radiating Exoplanet Discovered in “Perfect Tidal Storm”

Can tidal forces cause an exoplanet’s surface to radiate heat? This is what a recent study accepted to The Astronomical…

3 months ago