exoplanet formation

Astronomers are Watching a gas Giant Grow, Right in Front of Their Eyes

In the vastness of space, astronomers are likely to find instances of almost every astronomical phenomena if they look hard…

5 months ago

This Exoplanetary System Breaks all the Rules

It's just like a normal solar system...except completely backwards. (more…)

6 months ago

A Strange Planet has been Found that’s Smaller than Neptune But 50% More Massive

Astronomers have found another strange exoplanet in a distant solar system. This one's an oddball because its size is intermediate…

1 year ago

A Neptune-class exoplanet has been found with its atmosphere stripped away

What happens when a giant planet gets stripped of its atmosphere? It leaves behind a giant core, rich in iron…

1 year ago

Huge Stars Can Destroy Nearby Planetary Disks

Westerlund 2 is a star cluster about 20,000 light years away. It's young—only about one or two million years old—and…

1 year ago

This is an Actual Image of a Planet-Forming Disc in a Distant Star System

In 2017, astronomers used ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter/sub-millimeter Array) to look at the star AB Aurigae. It's a type of…

1 year ago