exoplanet formation

This Jupiter-Sized Exoplanet is Unusual for Several Reasons

In a recent study published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, a team of international researchers examined…

9 months ago

An Unfortunate Planet is Undergoing “Extreme Evaporation,” Melting Under the Extreme Heat From its Star

Astronomers have known something strange is happening at the star FU Ori for decades. The star brightened dramatically about 85…

11 months ago

Can We Predict if a System Will Have Giant Planets?

Prediction is one of the hallmarks of scientific endeavors. Scientists pride themselves on being able to predict physical realities based…

11 months ago

The Planet That Shouldn’t Exist

As of this writing, almost 5300 exoplanets spanning approximately 4000 planetary systems have been confirmed to exist in our universe.…

1 year ago

Astronomers are Watching a gas Giant Grow, Right in Front of Their Eyes

In the vastness of space, astronomers are likely to find instances of almost every astronomical phenomena if they look hard…

3 years ago

This Exoplanetary System Breaks all the Rules

It's just like a normal solar system...except completely backwards. (more…)

3 years ago

A Strange Planet has been Found that’s Smaller than Neptune But 50% More Massive

Astronomers have found another strange exoplanet in a distant solar system. This one's an oddball because its size is intermediate…

4 years ago

A Neptune-class exoplanet has been found with its atmosphere stripped away

What happens when a giant planet gets stripped of its atmosphere? It leaves behind a giant core, rich in iron…

4 years ago

Huge Stars Can Destroy Nearby Planetary Disks

Westerlund 2 is a star cluster about 20,000 light years away. It's young—only about one or two million years old—and…

4 years ago

This is an Actual Image of a Planet-Forming Disc in a Distant Star System

In 2017, astronomers used ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter/sub-millimeter Array) to look at the star AB Aurigae. It's a type of…

4 years ago