ESA is Working on its own Reusable Booster Stage

As part of their Themis Program, the ESA is developing reusable rocket technology.

3 weeks ago

This is Not a Photo of the Milky Way. It’s the Map of 1.8 Billion Stars From Gaia’s Major New Data Release

Thanks to the latest data release from the ESA's Gaia mission, researchers are making all kinds of discoveries about the…

2 months ago

Based on Kepler Data, There’s a 95% Chance of an Earth-Like Planet Within 20 Light-Years

Combining data from the retired Kepler mission with the Gaia Observatory, a team of scientists have produced new estimates for…

3 months ago

Operating a Rover in Real-time From a Distance

There are instances other than pandemics when it is necessary to work remotely. Spacecraft operators are forced to do most…

3 months ago

BepiColombo Mercury Mission to Make First Venus Flyby Tonight

The Mercury-bound BepiColombo spacecraft will observe Venus during tonight’s pass, on the hunt for phosphine and sulfur-dioxide.

3 months ago

Mars Express Finds Even More Ponds of Water Under the Ground on Mars

A reexamination of data obtained by the Mars Express probe has found more evidence of stable bodies of water beneath…

4 months ago

Cheops Finds a World That’s Utterly Alien From Anything We Have in the Solar System

The ESA's CHEOPS (Characterizing Exoplanets Satellite) mission has announced its first discovery. It's called WASP-189 b, and it's a blistering…

4 months ago

The Surface of Mars Might Have Gotten an Acid Bath, Obscuring Evidence of Past Life

According to a recent study, the presence of acidic and alkali fluids on the surface of Mars mean that its…

4 months ago

Uranus’ Moons are Surprisingly Similar to Dwarf Planets in the Kuiper Belt

Astronomer William Herschel discovered Uranus—and two of its moons—230 years ago. Now a group of astronomers working with data from…

4 months ago

There are Three Asteroids Hiding in this Animation, See If You Can Find Them

This summer, the European Space Agency’s Near-Earth Object Coordination Centre (NEOCC) started posting “riddles” or challenges on their website. These…

5 months ago