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Earth-like planets

Two Earth-Like Worlds Found Orbiting a Red Dwarf Only 12.5 Light-Years Away

The CARMENES project has detected two more Earth-like planets that orbit a red dwarf star just 12.5 light years away

2 months ago

Complex Life Might Require a Very Narrow Habitable Zone

A new study has placed new constraints on the emergence of complex life, which effectively narrows what what we would…

6 months ago

New SPECULOOS Telescope Sees First Light. Soon it’ll be Seeing Habitable Planets Around Ultra-Cool Stars

Our newest planet-hunting telescope is up and running at the ESO's Paranal Observatory in the Atacama Desert in Chile. SPECULOOS,…

9 months ago

It’s Over For Kepler. The Most Successful Planet Hunter Ever Built is Finally out of Fuel and Has Just Been Shut Down.

After eight years of service and thousands of exoplanet discoveries, the Kepler space telescope has run out of fuel and…

10 months ago

Europan Space Whales Anyone? Planets Covered by Deep Oceans Can Still Have Life on Them

According to a new study by a pair of researchers, planets covered in deep oceans (aka. "water worlds") may be…

12 months ago

With All These New Planets Found in the Habitable Zone, Maybe it’s Time to Fine Tune the Habitable Zone

According to a new study from the Earth-Life Science Institute, it may be time to fine-tune what astronomers mean by…

1 year ago

If We’re Searching for Earth 2.0, Would We Know It When We Find It?

In a new paper, two professors consider what we have learned from studying Earth from space, and how this might…

1 year ago

Astronomers Figure Out a New Way to Search for Planets at Alpha Centauri

A mew study by a team of exoplanet scientists has revealed what kinds of planets are likely to lurk around…

2 years ago

Looking for Signs of Life on Distant Planets Just Got Easier

A recent study from NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) has produced a new 3-D model for determining exoplanet…

2 years ago

The Orbit of Earth will be Hiding Earth 2.0

According to a new study by a Russian scientist, the Sun's own motion around the Solar System's center of mass…

2 years ago