The Debate Continues. Do Wide Binaries Prove or Disprove MOND?

The observed gravitational anomaly from 2,463 pure wide binaries free of hidden additional companions: The left panel shows the anomaly derived from the algorithm calculating kinematic acceleration while the right panel shows the anomaly directly from the observed sky-projected relative velocities between the two stars with respect to the sky-projected separations.

The term dark matter was coined back in 1933 and since then, the hunt for it has been well and truly on. However, the concept of dark matter was to describe anomalies from observation for example the rotation of spiral galaxies and the data from gravitational lensing. An alternative soljution is that our model of gravity is simply wrong, enter MOND, Modified Newtonian Dynamics. A new paper just published explores wide binary stars and looks to see if it supports the MOND model. 

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Weekly Space Hangout – October 21, 2016: Dr. Voula Saridakis of @histastro & Morgan is a Tilted Sun

Host: Fraser Cain (@fcain)

Special Guest:
This week’s special guest is Dr. Voula Saridakis, a professor at Lake Forest College in Illinois specializing in the history of science and astronomy, who runsthe History of Astronomy on Twitter at @histastro

Morgan Rehnberg ( / @MorganRehnberg)
Kimberly Cartier ( / @AstroKimCartier )
Alessondra Springmann ( / @sondy)
Nicole Gugliucci ( / @noisyastronomer)

Their stories this week:

Schiaparelli /TGO
The Unexpected Detection of Dark Matter Galaxies
News from DPS:
Planet 9
Comet 67p

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