Dark Energy

It's Going to Take More Than Early Dark Energy to Resolve the Hubble Tension

Astronomers have measured the Universe's expansion rate and found that various methods don't agree, and their error bars don't overlap.…

3 weeks ago

The Universe Could Be Twice As Old if Light is Tired and Physical Constants Change

A new paper argues that the universe is 26.7 billion years old. But the model only works by assuming tired…

2 months ago

The Early Universe Ran in Slow Motion

One of Einstein's predictions is that we should see time moving at different rates at different ages of the Universe.…

3 months ago

ESA's Euclid Mission is Off to Explore the Dark Universe

The Euclid space telescope, the ESA's next-generation astrophysics mission, was successfully launched to space!

3 months ago

Two New Space Telescopes Will Bring Dark Energy Into Focus

The ESA's Euclid and NASA's Nancy Grace Roman space telescope will work together to resolve the mystery of cosmic expansion!

3 months ago

It Would Take Hubble 85 Years to Match What Nancy Grace Roman Will See in 63 Days

A NASA-led team of researchers created a simulation that demonstrates what the Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope will see.

7 months ago

Are Black Holes the Source of Dark Energy?

In a series of papers, an international team claims they've found the first observational evidence that supermassive black holes are…

7 months ago

Could a Dark Energy Phase Change Relieve the Hubble Tension?

A new study suggests that the Hubble Constant could be resolved by the presence of a "New Early Dark Energy"…

8 months ago

“Early Dark Energy” Could Explain the Crisis in Cosmology

A new study considers how the presence of Early Dark Energy could help resolve one of the biggest cosmological mysteries…

10 months ago

The Dark Energy Camera has Captured a Million Images, an Eighth of the Entire sky. Here are Some of its Best Pictures so far

The Dark Energy Survey recently released 15 images that showcase the types of objects it viewed during the six-year campaign.

12 months ago